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3 case studies bilberry affects the eyes


Manufacturer factory bilberry extract (Tokiwa)

Neck, shoulder, back pain

Neck, shoulders, shoulders, back pain due to tight eye muscles lack of flexibility The effect of staring at the screen Mobile phone computer for a long time without resting the eye muscles. resulting in muscle tension and affects the neck, shoulders, and back lines.

office syndrome

Research has shown that the group Bilberon-25 120 mg per day for 6 weeks consecutively has a score of neck stiffness. reduced shoulders compared to those who do not eat showed that it can reduce Neck, shoulder, and neck stiffness caused by overwork of the eye muscles.


Dry eye symptoms.

Dry eyes are a disorder because the balance of tears is impaired. In Thailand, the prevalence of Dry eyes are up to 34% in people aged 40 and over. Dry eyes can occur for a number of reasons. resulting in quantity and quality of tears deteriorating This causes the cornea to dry easily, with dry eye symptoms varying in severity. Since there was little violence such as eye irritation, eye pain, eye discomfort, unable to fight bright light, red eyes until some people may have very severe symptoms such as Injuries to the cornea of ​​the cornea Through the cornea cloudy, etc. (Ref.: https://pharmacy.hcu.ac.th/upload/files/CPE%20HCU/2560/20170427_Dry%20eyes.pdf)

dry eye

Dry eye test results by Schirmer's Test method with paper film for measuring the amount of tears which is tested by having the tester open his eyes and look at one place for a period of 5 minutes, the test results showed that The group that eats bilberry (Bilberon-25) 120 mg per day per day for a period of 6 weeks found that there was an increase in the amount of tears. 44.5% on average compared to the group that did not eat. This concludes that it can help reduce dry eye symptoms.



Ciliary Muscle will be responsible for adjusting the focus or clear images of the eye lens with contraction and loosening Crystalline Lens When the body is using eyes too much. As a result, the muscles holding the lens become fatigued.

when the eye muscles are tired will result in focusing or clear vision of the eyes performance deterioration Blurred vision or it takes a long time to focus on it.

Bilberry (Bilberon-25) reduces free radicals and helps the eye muscles. There is more relaxation Focusing or clear vision is better.

dry eye

Flicker Test Method: 22 volunteers were given bilberry. (Bilberon-25) 120 mg per day per day for 6 weeks found that the group who did not After eating, the ability to see the red bar has decreased. compared to group eating Bilberry is able to maintain the frequency of seeing red light bands. last longer.

Flicker Test

The Flicker Test is an eye fatigue test that measures the Eye fatigue using Critical Fusion Frequency (CFF) principles This is a measurement based on the interaction of the eyes and the brain. by having the tester look at the red bar that flashes with increasing frequency Until the test subject can no longer see the flashing colored stripes, it indicates that the eyes are tired.

dry eye

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